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  • Corporate Cases

    Extortion Investigation.

    Investigators discreetly uncovered evidence to identify the perpetrator of an extortion plot against a CEO. We saved the well-known firm substantial money and the distraction of a public relations challenge.

    Undercover Investigation.

    We went undercover and within one week identified a disgruntled employee leaking sensitive information.

    Due Diligence Investigation.

    Our agents conducted a due diligence investigation on a firm that our corporate client was considering acquiring and exposed the firm’s fraudulent accounting practices, saving our client from becoming the next victim.
  • Criminal Cases

    Exonerated Innocent Men.

    We’ve obtained exculpatory evidence that led to the release of a man wrongfully convicted of rape and murder. In close partnership with a prestigious university and top trial lawyers, our investigators have worked on dozens of wrongful conviction cases that have led to post-conviction litigation based on actual innocence.

    Uncovered Evidence to Prevent Murder Charge.

    When a shoplifter was asphyxiated while being detained by a store manager of a nationwide pharmacy chain, our firm developed evidence that helped keep the manager from being charged with murder.

    Spared Police Officer a Wrongful Sexual Assault Conviction.

    A suburban Chicago police officer was charged with criminal sexual assault while on duty. Our investigation identified a chain of custody issue with DNA evidence and led to a not-guilty verdict.

    Unmasked Prosecutorial Misconduct and Found Previously Unknown Witness.

    In a capital murder case our investigation produced a previously unknown witness and revealed prosecutorial misconduct. Working with a nationally-renowned criminal defense attorney, a videotaped affidavit was obtained and became an important part of post-trial proceedings.

    Conducted Complex Forensic Investigations.

    We conducted a forensic investigation in a historic capital murder case involving the two youngest boys in Illinois history to be charged with rape and murder, resulting in an Alford Plea.

    Investigated Major Organized Crime, RICO, and White-Collar Criminal Cases.

    We’ve investigated some of the largest cases of organized crime in the history of Chicago. Just ask around.
  • Special Investigations

    Election Fraud Investigation.

    A Chicago suburb retained Tactical Solutions to conduct an independent election fraud investigation. We uncovered hundreds of fraudulent absentee ballot applications on a tight deadline before the election.

    Child Custody Investigation.

    Our agents developed evidence of a parent’s illicit narcotics use, which led to our client gaining sole custody of their child and court-ordered supervised visitation.

    Stalking Investigation.

    When a stalker eluded a municipal police department, we gathered evidence to prove those violations in court and secure a conviction.

    Missing Person Investigation.

    Our investigators quickly and discreetly located a troubled teenager and returned her to her high-profile parents without involving public law enforcement agencies or alerting the media.