Sergio Serritella is the founder and CEO of Tactical Solutions.

He is widely recognized for his work on wrongful convictions and high-profile criminal and civil cases, as well as working with legal clinics at top law schools across the country.

Serritella regularly handles murder, organized crime, and other complex criminal cases. His firm also investigates corporate, personal injury, and civil rights cases, where he has both defended law enforcement officers and investigated on behalf of civilian victims. Serritella is a firearms expert, holding state and national credentials as a certified law enforcement firearms instructor. He has served at the pleasure of legislators in both houses of the Illinois General Assembly, advising them on matters of criminal justice and ex-offender re-entry.

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Frani Udell, a member of the Illinois Bar since 1985, joined Tactical Solutions in 2009.

Her early experience in investigations came as part of the Homicide Task Force with noted attorney Andrea Lyon. Udell concentrated her private legal practice in criminal law and has represented clients throughout Cook County and its surrounding areas. She now leads Tactical Solutions’ pretrial investigations concentrating on criminal cases.

She is married and has three children.