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New identity reflects broader services and upcoming offices in Italy

The prominent boutique investigations and consulting firm has changed its name to Vantius® to reflect its broader digital & biological forensics services, executive protection offerings, and new presence in the European Union with an office in Italy opening in 2020.
The Chicago-based firm worked with top-five global naming agency Tungsten Branding to develop the name Vantius. It has Roman roots and alludes to the advantages of the strategic vantage points the firm brings its clients.
“The new voice of our firm is refreshingly real, relatable, and modern,” said Sergio Serritella, founder and president of Vantius. “We’re excited about a brand identity that captures our personalities and the kind of dynamic relationships we build with our clients.”
In the nearly two decades since its founding, the firm has teamed up with the nation’s best attorneys to do everything from getting innocent men out of prison to resolving celebrity extortion cases out of the public eye to finding evidence that made international news in high-profile trials.
“Our cases give plenty of opportunities to translate my experience as a surgeon to professional investigations,” said Allan Tompkins, MD, a partner at the firm. “Our data-driven approach sets us apart from traditional private detective agencies.”
The 3D Vantius logo refers to those high standards of proof. The firm has a strong foundation in innovative investigative techniques, and the different heights of the V showcase the unique strategic perspectives Vantius brings its clients.
“Practicing law was fulfilling, but I love the hunt for evidence as a professional investigator,” said Frani Udell, a partner at the firm. “I’m excited about this defining moment and the opportunities it represents.”
Those opportunities and the information advantages Vantius provides help shed light on the modern investigations landscape. It gives clients the benefit of being able to see the situation from a fresh angle – and proactively strategize because of it.

“Vantius people listen closely, speak plainly, and take pride in every success achieved with our clients,” said Sara Serritella, a partner at the firm. “We wanted to create an identity that encapsulates the ambitious spirit that got us here while showcasing our evolution and vision for the future.”

Vantius® serves litigators, corporations and private clients worldwide from its home base of Chicago.